Once again, the combination of Hudson Design and the Lake View Hideway has received recognition for the design of the home. The Hudson Valley Magazine has an article related to the home near Lake Oscawana.

The design team and architecture experience at Hudson Design, led by James Copeland, worked to create a space that was modern with a variety of design features that would be spacious and inviting to all family members.

The open design concept has sight lines that extend throughout the home. There are comfortable sitting areas incorporated into the floor plan. The home has inviting features that incorporate the natural landscape and natural beauty with large windows, outdoor decks, and balconies.

James maintained a modern design of the home and extended the views to be focused on the lake. Each room has a unique and cohesive design with a consistent feature of comfort and exterior beauty. He worked to preserve the natural vegetation with the footprint of the home and the surrounding areas. This is a unique modern home with great care in the design.