Embrace a complete aesthetic approach between architecture, engineering, interior design, and landscape design. A strong, timeless, design concept should influence all the disciplines needed to achieve the vision.  If your Architect does not or cannot provide design direction to the other disciplines, your house will feel divided. – Hudson Design

Hudson Design recently had the pleasure of participating in an article with other notable experts who shared their insights on how people can maximize the resale value of their home through timeless design and functionality. This article inspired a few additional questions on the topic that we would like to expound on.

What makes an architecture design strong and timeless?

In architecture design, the human scale should be inviting, comfortable, and provide a sense of “belonging.” Being able to communicate the appropriate sensations to achieve the effect you want people to have when they approach and enter the home is an important skill for an Architect.  Using ergonomics, which is the application of psychological and physiological concepts, an holistic architecture design can both inspire the visitor and endear the Owner with a seamless environment.  

For example, doors can be designed to give an impression for the user and use the dimensions to its advantage. There is something very magical about doors and windows that use the dynamics of human scale in their proportions and placement. Ergonomics also plays a part in how you design interior components like shelves, cabinets, drawers, lighting, and hardware. Light fixtures are perceived by their dominant viewing angle in the room. The height of the fixture can dramatically influence the perception of the space in a room.

What are the characteristics of an architect that has the ability to create a timeless design?

You need to collaborate with an architect who has the ability to respond to differing design challenges. A great place to begin evaluating whether an architect can be responsive, is by reviewing the architect’s website. Does their portfolio reflect experience  with a diverse set of styles and contexts? Understand how the architect responds to crazy ideas. You want them to have the courage to solve hard problems.  If you see too much of the same solutions, then the architect is probably not innovative enough to design for the individuality of most families. You want someone who can work with a variety of approaches and styles where alterations can be handled deftly. Also, browse the firm’s reviews for an understanding of the relationship between the architect and client. Reference our last blog here for additional insights on hiring an architect.

How do you dissolve or rebuild the boundaries between architecture, engineering, interior design, and landscape design?

The strength of problem solving should go beyond the layout choices, colors, etc. There is a level of discipline required to refrain from jumping into a solution before you have solved the basic issues. As you approach the property, what is the first thing you’d like to see? This is the question that must be answered first. 

The point is to avoid designing too early and getting into too many specifics before you know how you want to design the home around the site. Once you get further into the size of rooms, hallways, windows, doors, and other specificities, and once they are resolved, that is when you can think about lighting, color, texture, etc. Follow the discipline of solving the large issues first, then move toward the minor issues so you can complete the home in a fashion that people will love.

Solve the large issues first and build the minor details around it. At Hudson Design, we don’t limit ourselves to architectural design. If we need an interior designer, we add them to the team. If we need an engineer, we add them to the team. The idea is to be collaborative and drive discussions that influence the design in a positive way. 

How do you integrate the qualities of a timeless design to achieve the vision of the home?

Anything done well becomes timeless. Houses designed true to their era survive. The selection and choice of materials available today have drastically changed the palette of architecture design. There are many more attractive materials that require less and simpler maintenance in order to remain timeless. 

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