XCMG Intensus Engineering

Project Brief

Intensus America entered into a joint venture with the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Company (XCMG), located in China, to deliver heavy machinery to the northeast. XCMG’s primary product range consists of earth moving equipment, hydraulic cranes, road building and construction equipment. The current site of Intensus America is ideal for the proposed XCMG northeast headquarters due to its proximity to major highways and a level buildable site with mountain backdrop.
The 12 acre campus is designed for the delivery, final assembly of sub-components, repair, storage, sales and display of XCMG’s product line. The sharp geometries of the buildings are inspired by the parts and operations of the machinery. The campus is constructed with natural materials of stone, heavy timber and concrete which fit perfectly it in its rural mountainside environment. The road frontage is paramount to display the machinery in mock up operations. An observation tower is located at the heart of the circular layout to oversee a display testing pit and view the Fishkill mountain ridge beyond.

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