Have you ever been in a building that just felt right; where everything from the placement of the windows to the selection of the wood stain seemed to work in harmony; where the form of the structure and the furnishings in it not only served their purposes, but also enhanced them. Environments like these are no accident. They are the result of skillful planning, aesthetic wisdom and attention to detail.

I often tell clients that designing and building a personal space, like a home, is akin to having a suit or glove custom-made to your proportions. It just feels right. It fits.

A truly custom building gives the Owners the opportunity to discover and express their style. The architect as a professional service provider, listens, interprets and restates the Owner’s wants and needs with 3 dimensional solutions. That is how we work at Hudson Design. Our role is that of an agent, advocate and creative facilitator. We do not seek to impose our style but rather to enable our clients to express their aspirations for a particular environment with design excellence. The result is a structure uniquely suited to the land as well as the individual.

Our concerns go beyond good design. Even our best plans are worthless if coordination and management of the construction process is not a team effort. Some years ago, I was outraged to receive a solicitation for a book intended for General Contractors entitled “How to Maximize Your Profits through Change Orders”. The book, a collaboration between an attorney and a contractor, sought to exploit the numerous limitations of plans and specifications in describing the 3 dimensional realm. I realized there needed to be a better method for delivering a project or, at the very least, better communication between the Architect and Tradespeople at the construction site.

I took off my coat and tie and returned to graduate school for a degree in Construction Management. Since that time Hudson Design has incorporated the management technology and methodology of the construction industry to minimize the potential, and mitigate the consequences of construction conflicts. In many projects, we provide both design and construction management services for the Owner in a Design Build package. In either case, our ability to deliver a successful project of design excellence on time and on budget has been greatly enhanced.

If you are considering building new or renovating an existing building, we would be glad to meet with you at our expense to help you determine the viability of the project and the extent to which you might need professional assistance.