Working With an Architect

With over 30 years of architecture experience in Garrison, New York, and the surrounding areas, we offer innovative architecture designs for commercial architecture, residential architecture, historic preservation architecture, and recreational architecture. At HUDSON DESIGN, we strive to construct an architectural design that reflects the image of your dream home.

Commercial Architecture

Our commercial architecture projects include interior design, exterior design, remodeling, and renovations. We work diligently to provide commercial properties with a unique transformation designed by our talented architects. At HUDSON DESIGN, we can design a variety of renovations and interior designs for commercial properties including offices, restaurants, sports facilities, and more.

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Residential Architecture

Since our inception, HUDSON DESIGN has been providing design excellence to the custom home market through an iterative and engaging process. Our renovations have created nearly seamless adaptations of existing structures for the Owner’s new uses and objectives. The collective training and experience of our studio spans from Modernism to Classical Architect. Our intent is to assist each Owner in achieving their goals while aesthetically expressing their lifestyle.

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Historic Preservation Architecture

HUDSON DESIGN is committed to the preservation of historic buildings and their landscapes. Through the use of laser scanning and photogrammetry, we can accurately survey and map existing conditions and relevant context. Our teams of collaborating professionals on Historic properties have included, but are not limited to: Geotechnical Engineers, Acousticians, Architectural Historians, Design Build Mechanical Contractors, Forensic Scientists and Artisan Craftsmen.

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Recreation Architecture

Recreation Architectural projects at HUDSON DESIGN have included sports facilities, youth camps, retreat sites, swimming pools, ski and ocean resorts, pavilions and spas. Our services for recreational architecture include the addition of new features on an existing structure and creating new recreational designs. We strive to produce a recreational design that encourages a friendly atmosphere with the incorporation of a friendly environment.

Our designs for these unique structures are heavily influenced by their surrounding context. The structural systems for these buildings are developed for unobstructed activity areas and or assembly.

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