The Conceptual Master Plan is the Big Idea. It is the overall form-giving thought that unifies the many disparate goals that compete for influence in any given project. The Conceptual Master Plan allows us to compile into one set of documents all the pertinent information about the site and its features as they now exist, desired improvements, and possible future changes that can and should be taken into account. This Master Plan can give an array of project options in the timing, scope, and cost of construction work, while allowing you to visualize the sum of the parts.

Typically a Conceptual Master Plan consists of a Site Plan, conceptual space plans, environmental diagrams, and an Exterior Rendering of the proposed solution. The Concept is based on existing conditions, the Client’s wish list, aesthetic considerations and available survey data.
Our mission is to create enduring architecture which grows more beautiful with time, harbors delightful memories and shelters the spirit.

We serve as agent, advocate and creative facilitator.
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“We believe our patrons will love and support the new design. †Hudson Design gave us a beautiful and practical plan....

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Hudson Design was established by Architect James M. Copeland in 1986 to offer a seamless composite of services in Project Planning, Architecture and Interior Design. The firm moved its offices and design studio from Fifth Avenue in New York city to the Hudson Valley in 1993. In the Fall of that same year, Hudson Design began to offer agency-based Construction Management Services to provide owners with greater control over project costs, quality, and scheduling. Company Profile


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