Planning is a key element of any project, but a Conceptual Master Plan is the Big Idea. It is the overall form-giving thought that unifies the many disparate goals that compete for influence in any given project. The Conceptual Master Plan allows us to compile into one set of documents all the pertinent information about the site and its features as they now exist, desired improvements, and possible future changes that can and should be taken into account. This Master Plan can give an array of project options in the timing, scope, and cost of construction work, while allowing you to visualize the sum of the parts. Typically, a Conceptual Master Plan consists of pre-design services, technical documents, visual aids and informational tools. The Concept is based on existing conditions, the Client’s wish list, aesthetic considerations and available survey data.

  • Land use analysis and suitability
  • Site reconnaissance
  • Integration of vegetation, environmental, historic and geological features
  • Phasing strategies
  • Space planning & circulation flow diagrams

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